Just2trade Reviews
October 22, 2020 - Written by wariye sakariye

One is a per-trade schedule where equity transactions cost $2.50. You need an account balance of at least $2,500 to qualify for this rate. The commission increases RoboForex Review to $4 if your balance falls below this level. If you want to know why Bullish Bears’ education is different, listen to this video on the About page.

  • Hence, rapid price movements may inflict serious financial damage or even devastate your entire trading account.
  • Under this plan, the trading fees start from as low as $2.50 for stocks, Futures and ADRs.
  • Forex trading imposes a high level of risks and is not suited for all traders and investors.
  • Most derivative contracts have high leverage and low margin requirements.
  • As much as trading on foreign exchange markets may be potentially profitable, it can also lead to significant losses.
  • Ensure that you have enough trading experience, knowledge and full comprehension of potential risks involved.

Also, the minimum is $0.50 per ticket, and the minimum commission fee is $333 per month. Additionally, the tiered margin rates range from 6% to 9.25% depending on your debit balance. A margin account requires a minimum balance of $25,000 to qualify for the Per Share Plan. The rate for stocks ranges from $0.001 per share to $0.0025 per share. If your account balance is $2,000 – $2,499, then the rate becomes $4.00 per trade.

Is Just2trade Your Company?

It’s not free, but does come with a lot of great features, such as real-time market analysis, global exchanges, and multiple venues for order routing, including dark pools. Option traders can click on the ‘Options’ tab at the top of the screen to find chains. Above the table sits a graph, which isn’t really necessary here. When you hover your cursor over this, a pop-out menu shows Greek values for that contract. Another great feature is hovering over the strike price, which shows intrinsic and time values. Just2Trade charges nothing for ACH transfers, although it does have this unpleasant $15 quarterly account fee. It can be avoided by placing at least five trades in the quarter or keeping a $50,000 account balance.

just2trade review

Therefore today, I have not been able to trade and on top of that my money has disappeared. I sent $64k to their platform, which was fraught with issues in the first place as they changed their bank in the middle of my wire transfer. Yesterday I traded $27k in shares with those positions still open. Similar to the research section, it would be somewhat unreasonable to expect top level customer service from a brokerage firm charing half the industry rate. That being said, their customer service reputation is less than stellar. Mostly very basic explanations of trading styles and platform help.

Commission Prices (options)

Just2Trade says its “preferred method of contact is either by our online chat function or email.” It seems strange that they wouldn’t want phone calls. Personally, I would expect my broker to willingly accept phone calls. OEC Trader is a desktop platform that is designed for futures trading. The order system is able to use multiple tickets, and RSS news feed is integrated. As the name implies, it has fewer features and would be good for someone who primarily trades from charts. Strangely, I was not able to delete a stock after adding to a list. I was also disappointed in the platform’s lack of research tools.

just2trade review

For now, it’s worth mentioning that MT5 is the more-advanced version of MT4 – the most popular and well-known trading interface, to date. Now, I’m getting a tad bit ahead of myself, but when you’ll find yourself registering on the site, you’ll have two options to pick from – either the MT5 platform, or the cryptocurrency exchange. The two are different, and represent the different features mentioned above. These are usually used as the deciding factor when it comes to judging a crypto exchange, at least fee-wise. Naturally, we’ll also talk about the less-positive sides of the platform, too. We don’t propose Just2Trade for mutual fund or ETF trading, because there are so many other brokers that outperform Just2Trade in this category. Sterling Trader Pro is the most advanced platform available at Just2Trade.

Trading Platforms

You may need to verify your account to remove limits on particular methods in some countries. All funds deposited into your trading account must be under the same name as your Just2Trade trading account. Forex Demo Account – for beginners who want to understand how the currency market works, and practice trading without any financial risk. Just2Trade give traders the opportunity to subscribe to their research notes service.

With all that said, we give an A to the spreads + commission of Just2trade online and it can turn into A+ if you choose MT5 Global. We’ll talk about the spreads and commission of Just2trade online later on this post. According to the study we Retail foreign exchange trading conducted, the average spread for this broker on EURUSD is 0.2 pips. Regarding $6 commission, you’ll receive 0.8 pips as spread + commission on EURUSD. With that said, the safety score of this broker is 65 out of 100 or B (from A+ to C).

ACH relationships are not, however, available for IRA accounts currently. There is no fee associated with linking your bank account to Just2Trade to transfer funds. Nor is there any cost associated with any action involving an ACH deposit, withdrawal, or activation. Moreover, since the process is paperless, there are no postage charges. Given mutual fund and bond trading must be done over the phone with a live representative, if the security can be located, broker assisted charges will apply. Moreover, certain stocks might have higher margin requirements if their volatility is at a particularly high level that requires additional capital to be held.

just2trade review

Trades can be executed through Just2Trade’s web-based or mobile platforms or via third-party applications. Since in the reviews of the broker Just2Trade problems with withdrawal of funds are mentioned, we advise you to specify the features of work in the terminal from the personal manager. The broker seems to have desirable conditions for most types of trading strategies. In addition to the above services, you can have access to ROX platform when picking any of those plans.

The directive contains measures for the organisation and functioning of investment firms, facilitating cross border trading, while creating strategic opportunities. Just2Trade is a forex broker located in Cyprus, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission .

Just2trade Commissions, Fees, And Account Requirements

Score Priority Club, formerly WhoTrades, is a social investing site with some peer-to-peer help, but it’s no substitute for professionally produced education resources. Score Priority is primarily marketing itself to an intermediate/experienced crowd, so investors who need some additional education to feel confident in the market will need to find alternative sources. All of the platforms have charting features, though the most complete package is in the Pro platform. The mobile apps actually have more charting functions than the Lite or Plus platforms.

Daytrading.com may receive compensation from the brands or services mentioned on this website. Later in 2019, Just2Trade expects to roll-out a trader diagnostic tool. ACH deposits can be withdrawn by ACH after 10 business days of the original deposit. Otherwise, ACH deposits can be withdrawn via check, https://traderoom.info/ wire, or an automated customer account transfer after 60 calendar days have passed from the original date the deposit was made. Transferring funds via ACH takes approximately 2-3 business days. Funds deposited by ACH require a hold of five business days before they are available to trade with.

just2trade review

Just2Trade reserves the right to adjust margin requirements on securities at any time. If one equity position accounts for more than 50% of the total margin account’s value, the maintenance margin requirement for that security will be no less than 50%. Special margin rules also apply for accounts holding concentrated positions. Just2Trade charges a structure of $0.50 per options contract on its per-trade plan plus a $2.50 base fee. For instance, if one were to trade 20 options contracts, the total cost on Just2Trade would come to $12.50. Just2Trade also compares very favorably to or beats out Interactive Brokers on options trading costs. The web-based platform has a clear and intuitive interface that displays your portfolio holdings, performance, total profit/loss, market data, and charting functionality.

Spreads & Commissions

Using the FIX API, advanced developers and quant traders can use their own proprietary algorithms and black boxes to easily connect to the Just2Trade server and use the FIX price data feeds. This provides a direct connection to institutional liquidity providers with lower latency and improved fill rates. CQG is available in various different high-end terminals both for investors and for speculative traders. This includes CQG Integrated Client, CQG Spreader, CQG QTrader, CQG Trader & CQG Desktop. Its main goal is to promote efficient, transparent and integrated financial trading infrastructure, ensuring a higher degree of investor protection.

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